Based upon Yoga, BodyTherapie and inspired by the IDO PORTAL Method and creative movement tools, yoga philosophy, and elements of psychotherapy, the workshop teaches students to move in a more diverse way whilst learning how to use movement to reflect their inner world.

  • October 24th - 25th 2020

    2 day workshop 5 hours

    Saturday 10:30 - Sunday 13:15

    € 85
    € 80 early bird, when paid until June 1st
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  • Single workshop 2,5 hours

    Saturday 10:30-13 (K2751)

    Sunday 10:45-13:15 (K2752)
    € 45
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Day One
Becoming familiar with moving authentically without the concept of ‘right and wrong’ Part 1 of spinal articulation
Part 1 of floor patterns
Part 1 of leg expression

Day Two
Reacquainting oneself with moving authentically Part 2 of spinal articulation
Part 2 of floor patterns
Part 2 of leg expression
Integration of Day 1 and 2

The workshop includes the below as well as a 14 page handout:
  • Learning to feel in the here and now
  • Creating new leg patterns
  • Floor sequences
  • Spinal waves and circles
  • Moving with freedom and beyond ‘right and wrong’

Embodied Expression brings together my experience in Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Somatics and Gestalt Therapy to create a moving approach that fosters creative movement patterns to express fully in the present moment.

The workshop is ideal for anyone with a background in yoga/movement who is wanting to use movement as a way to expand awareness. By learning novel patterns we see more clearly where our blind spots are, so become more informed about our amazing bodies, which are both func- tional and creative. We move to generate genuine strength and mobility, whilst also expressing ‘this is who I am right now’ – by having an expanded movement vocabulary, we are able to ex- press more.

The workshop will place equal emphasis on moving from a place of authentic expression and learning new tools. Authentic movement is a therapeutic approach to explore one’s inner world by giving this form through moving.

Movement is our most prevalent way of perceiving and expressing. When our movement expands, our awareness grows.

The workshop will include the structure I’ve identified as being the most useful for recognising unuseful habits and creating new layering-effect patterns. We will take the time to be in the here and now before traversing through unexplored territory through the medium of the precious body drawing upon tools from Somatics, Yoga, Dance, Meditation and Gestalt. The workshop is de- signed to instil a heightened appreciation for the Self within the beautiful body organism and means of expressing our inherent, wondrous nature which itself doesn’t try to attain beauty, it simply is.

Charlene McAuley

After many years of practising yoga daily, I became stuck and felt unable to move how I wanted to. I had all of this feeling inside yet my movement was rigid and contained. I wanted to explore creative, expressive movement and its relationship to the mind so set about trying to find a teacher. I discovered some amazing teachers but nobody who brought my interests together so I began to explore Dance, Somatics, Meditation and Gestalt Therapy alongside Yoga to find a way to integrate these complementary strands of realising the human potential.

My yoga exploration spans 13 years, teaching for almost seven of those years with varied stu- dents including World Cup footballers and wise 80 year olds. I have an insatiable fascination with movement and psyche, recognising many years ago through my yoga practice that movement can determine one’s mindset and mindset can determine one’s movement. I work primarily with the ‘here and now’, wanting to explore in what is occurring in the present moment so that I can encourage myself and students to live with more awareness. Indeed, I have also written about ex-panding awareness within mainstream yoga teaching and practice with the article ‘Where is the feminine in yoga?’ Teachers strongly informing my work include Donna Farhi, Shai Faran, Julie Martin, and Linda Hartley, as well as my Gestalt Therapy trainers. Students have also profoundly informed by exploration with many movement insights only arising from our direct contact for which I’m truly grateful.

Christoph Seiland
I’ve always been fascinated by the capabilities of the human body, spending much of my free time when I was younger running through the forest with my dog in Leoben, climbing with my father, and mountain biking. When I was 17 that I saw my favourite musician John Frusciante, doing the splits and was touched deeply; from this point I began practising yoga and have studied in India, Bali and throughout Europe. As the human body always was a subject of interest, awe and inspi- ration for me, I studied medicine to delve deeper into the mechanics and functions of it, becoming a qualified doctor and working in orthopaedic surgery. In recent years I have studied the Ido Portal Method both with Ido and his close student Joseph Bartz in Berlin which has broadened my movement horizons and was a source of inspiration for my article ‘From Specialist to Human’.

Currently I am training to be a hypnotherapist. All that exists is continually changing and expand- ing, which includes my knowledge, awareness, practice and teaching and it is this openness to evolution of oneself that I love to share with students on the various courses I’ve taught over the last few years.