Rava, a natural island between Dugi Otok & Iž, off the coast of the harbor city of Zadar, offers us an exciting place for a varied yoga retreat! Join us!

  • May 28th - June 4th 2024

    spring retreat 2024
    Yoga & leisure time Package € 590 per person
    (Leisure: SUP- & Pickup trips)
    Private Cooking € 280 per person
    Motor-Boat Trip € 15 - 25 p. p.
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  • Aug 24th - 31st 2024

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    late summer retreat 2024
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Maria, Jakob, Gernot & Lilly are very pleased to have the opportunity to invite you to something truly special!
Spending a week together in a magical place and experiencing exciting things: Under Gernot & Maria´s sensitive but also challenging yoga guidance, you will find your inner balance and develop your physical and mental strength.  They will also support you with their many years of experience with HandsOn and create relaxation times with Pranayama & Meditation.
Jakob will stimulate the cell system with his gongs, make the body vibrate and create deep relaxation that goes beyond thinking. A gong is a transcultural instrument, an intravibratory system, i.e. many vibrations are superimposed from the audible to the inaudible range. See video:

Lilly and team spoil you twice a day with vegetarian cuisine that gets all your senses dancing and partying. That’s really no exaggeration, see for yourself on the videos! @herbariumculinarium

There are still adventurous activities in the afternoon that you can do with Maria, Jakob & Gernot. Dashing to the southern tip of the island while standing on the back of their pickup truck. Or to steer with them their motorboat from Mala Rava into a bay for swimming.

Whatever you decide to do in the afternoon, there will be for sure 3.5 hours of group yoga practice per day at the outdoor yoga shala to re-energize and revitalize throughout the week.
Program overview
Tea/coffee/snacks 7:15 am
Morning yoga 7:30 – 9:30 am
Brunch 10:30 – 11:30 am
individual chill out or group acticity program  12 – 4 pm
Evening yoga with gong relaxation or gong bath 4:30 – 6 pm
Dinner 7 – 9 pm

In short:
Lots of Yoga, learn new asanas, relax deeply at the gong bath.
Laugh, swim, take a pickup or boat ride.
Enjoy extremely good vegetarian food, chatting & napping thereafter.


Individual arrival to Zadar, from there with Jadrolinja ferries to Rava, details upon registration.
Individual Accommodations

+ Apartment Vela Rava, a 10 min walk – please contact Maria directly for details and to make a reservation; prices start at € 350 for a week for 2 people
+ € 90 per week per person in the yoga tent / bath & shower in the house

By registering you also accept our general terms and conditions §13 for our retreats including cancellation conditions.


Reports from 2022

„Hit the road. Arrive. Immerse yourself. Switch off. Feel your body and experience community. Laugh together. Best food. Good conversations. Being able to withdraw. Experience the nature and solitude of a sparsely populated island. – It was a very special one Time for us, which will linger for a long time! Thank you for that!“ Max & Christiane

„Rava June 2022, those were wonderful days with lots of yoga, sea, laughter and a lot of lightness! Yes, and of course with many wonderful people who could “let each other be” well. But what would all this be without Maria & Jakob, who made new encounters possible in their refuge in such an uncomplicated and hospitable manner – you were great. Yes, and of course a big thank you to our Yogi Julián, who together with Maria  let us „flow“ and through a lot of individual corrections and „hands-on“ led us to one or the other „AHA experience“ and thus made the seemingly impossible possible have done.“ Lisbeth

“I don’t know when was the last time I came home so charged and relaxed after a relatively short vacation. Yes, my body was a little tired, but it was a pleasant feeling of being tired after a pleasant effort – I wasn’t used to so much good exercise in my everyday life. I hit the ground running again at work on Wednesday – I felt balanced and content.“ Ana

„The blue of the sea and sky combined with the maquis shrubland and unique geology bring forth a sense of spiritual expansiveness.“