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Daniel Orlansky goes CityYoga

Start 2025 with a Powerful and Relaxing Yoga Seminar. Join us for an invigorating weekend seminar with Daniel Orlansky, the founder of Yoga of Energy Flow and director of yoga teacher training at Boston University.

  • Jan. 3th - 5th 2025

    • Kundalini Yoga/Pranayama (8.00-9.00 Uhr)
    ~ 30-minute pause
    • Yoga and Qigong (9.30 - 11.30 Uhr)
    ~ 75 mins break
    • 2.5 hour Meridian Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage (12.45 -3.15 Uhr)

    Total: 16,5 h
    16, 5 h Workshop:
    early bird € 380/ € 420
    early bird until ( 17th Nov. 2024)

    Single Day (5,5 h): € 155
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Kick off the new year feeling centered, strong, and calm. This seminar draws from a rich blend of Kundalini Yoga, Meridian Yoga, Yoga Flow, and Qigong. Through simple yet powerful exercises, you’ll revitalize the flow of pranic energy in your body, mind, and spirit.

What to Expect:
Breathwork: Enhance your energy and clarity.
Movement: Foster strength and flexibility.
Meditation: Achieve deep inner peace.
Partner Stretching and Thai Yoga Massage: Experience profound relaxation and rejuvenation.

Leave the seminar feeling balanced, relaxed, and fully present, with newfound energy and openness, ready to embrace all that 2025 has to offer.

Kundalini Yoga: The Power of the Breath
Breath is life and life is breath. When breath flows, so does life.
With dynamic movement, strong breathwork, and chanting meditations, we will awaken a great power within us, known as Kundalini energy. We will draw upon the transformative techniques of bandhas (inner locks) and mudras (ways to enhance mental focus, including hand gestures) to channel this energy for physical rejuvenation, mental clarity, and a radiant spirit.

Yoga and Qigong: The Dance of Heaven and Earth
When the body flows like running water, it is always renewed, always fresh. This is true freedom.
While Yoga has its roots in Indian Vedic scriptures, Qigong grew out of the Chinese Taoist pursuit of longevity. Both are paths up the same mountain, from which the “one moon” of higher consciousness can be experienced in its full brilliance.
In this workshop, we will explore the Taoist concept of “effortless flow” in Qigong exercises and then bring the same ease of motion into sequences from Yoga of Energy Flow. While the movements in both forms are slow, graceful, and gentle, the effects are powerful, detoxifying the body while enhancing peace of mind.

You will learn:
• The Eight Brocades, Swimming Dragon, and other Qigong practices to open the
• Meditative flow in yoga sequences.
• Tapping to open the 14 meridians, six energy gates, and three energy centers.
• Concentration techniques for mental clarity.

Meridian Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage: Healing Touch
Our health is dependent on the free flow of chi/prana in our mind, body, and soul.
Using gentle pressure, body weight, and skillful touch to open the body’s energy pathways, we will work with a partner to increase our range of motion and perfect our alignment in yoga asanas associated with the fourteen meridians of Chinese medicine. A modern stretching method called resistance/PNF stretching will be taught, complemented by hands-on Shiatsu and Thai yoga massage techniques that further open the flow of energy in the body.

You will learn:
• Yoga poses to open the 14 acupuncture meridians
• PNF Resistance Stretching, a modern, safe, and effective stretching method
• Asian bodywork techniques drawn from Shiatsu and Thai Yoga Massage

Daniel Orlansky Bio:
Daniel Orlansky, MA, ERYT-500, is the director of yoga teacher training at Boston University and has taught “Yoga: Theory, Culture, And Practice” at Lesley University. A yoga teacher since 1992, he is certified in Jnana Yoga, Kali Ray TriYoga and Kundalini Yoga, and is the creator of Meridian Yoga, a yoga style that combines shiatsu, yoga asana, and the meridian system in a practice that opens and strengthens the body. He holds a master’s degree in Expressive Art Therapy/Dance Therapy and has been a visiting lecturer in movement studies at Tufts University. He is also a graduate of the Boston Shiatsu School. Visit Daniel on the web at www.yogaenergyflow.com.