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Adjustments and Sequencing with Carmen Aguilar
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We are more than happy to welcome Carmen Aguilar for an overall immersion of intense four days in our Studio!

cYoga is the dynamic yoga style created by Carmen Aguilar. While the classes are rooted in the essence and the form of yoga, the delivery is adjusted to our world. cYoga helps students get better by accomplishing poses they could not do before, relieving pains and aches in their bodies, improving their breathing and concentration. cYoga also aims at keeping students engaged throughout the class so they can make a habit out of practicing yoga.




18 - 20h: Asana Yin Yang - Twists and Legs (open yoga class)



13 - 16h: Adjustments

16:30 - 18h: Sequencing

18:30 - 20:30h: Fearless Inversions (open yoga class)



10:30 - 12:30h: Hip Freedom And Taking Flight With It (open yoga class)

13:30 - 15h: Sequencing

15:30 - 18:30h: Adjustments



10:30 - 12:30h: Spinal fluidity (open yoga class)

13:30 - 15h: Sequencing

15:30 - 18:30h: Adjustments



K2647 Thu 27th - Sun 30th of June : 3day Sequencing & Adjustments and all Yoga classes - 21,5h

€ 463 / early bird price available until April 27th - (deposited) € 408




K2648 Fri 28th - Sun 30th of June : 3day Sequencing & Adjustments and 3 Yoga classes - 19,5h

€ 420



K2649 Friday / K2650 Saturday / K2651 Sunday - 6,5h

€ 156



K2652 Thursday / K2653 Friday / K2654 Saturday / K2655 Sunday - 2h

€ 53




This course is designed to deepen students and teachers understanding of yoga poses and their practice. Each day we focus on a theme of poses, with these three distinct sections:
- a 2hr long yoga class on the theme of the day
- a 1.5hr discussion on sequencing and how to design your own yoga practice for that theme
- a 3hr alignment and adjustments clinic with Moises focused on the theme of the day as well


ADJUSTMENTS CLINIC - SUPER HANDS ON! 10% THEORY, 90% PRACTICE! The magic of hands-on assist

Adjustments, assistances, support, are all ways the yoga teacher helps the student express and experience the asana in a deeper way. A well timed adjustment allows the student to experiment first hand how a pose should feel, imprinting its muscle memory and serving as a stepping stone into a better practice. A good adjustment can take a student into places that she cannot get by herself. During this clinic we will learn how to approach your adjustments in a safe and creative manner, so you can practice safely and efficiently, adding more tricks into your yoga teacher skillset.

During this part of the training we will cover:

- Adjusting principles (how, when, to whom, when to and when not to)

- How to modify an adjustment based on the level of the student

- Hands on practice for tens of poses (hundreds if time permits:)


Standard content of adjustments clinics during the three days:


- adjustment essentials

- warm up poses adjustments

- arm balances adjustments

- forearm and handstand

- leg movement while inverted

- savasana and unwind adjusts



- the 2 direction adjust

- standing poses for hips

- splits and hamstrings

- leg behind the head

- foot under the armpit

- arm balances w/ hips



- how to adjust backbends

- why the front of the body

- essential backbend adjust

- wheels family adjustments

- eka pada family adjustments

- scorpions adjustments



SEQUENCING TRAINING The art of Vinyasa Krama / How to sequence yoga classes
The sequence of the poses in the class is the most powerful tool the yoga teacher has to make a yoga class to be memorable. A well designed sequence will prepare the body for poses that are not available without the proper warm up and preparation. The objective of an optimal yoga sequence is to inspire, prepare and propel the student into areas of his or her practice that were out of reach before. During this training we will cover the main themes, sub-themes and peak poses for each family of postures, we will discuss the correct structure of a yoga class and we will practice with some
practical exercises and discussion.

Daily Schedule:
- Write down pose by pose the sequence taught during yoga class
- Discussion of that day’s sequence. Why those poses?
- How to make the sequence easier and harder or adapted to special cases
- General structure of a sequence of the daily theme
- Classification of poses and themes
- Discussion of peak poses by theme
- Practical group exercises to create your own sequence
- Questions and comments



Sequencing and adjustments are tools available to teacher but at the end of the day all that matters is how much love you are able to pour into your class. Throughout the training we will explain ways to make your class inclusive, personal, motivational, meaningful, inspirational… We will discuss topics like:

  • The overarching goal of a yoga class
  • Tools to connect with your audience
  • Tools to help your students improve their practice


Themes of 2h Yoga Classes:

Thursday, 27th of June - Asana Yin Yang - Twists and Legs
Tension and expansion, core and limbs, breath and intention, the yin and yang of asana are beautifully exemplified in these poses where strength meets flexibility. Laterals and splits are like peanut butter and jelly, a classic that always works. Lengthening,
stretching, engaging your ‘side’ muscles will, among many other benefits, stabilize your inversions, deepen both your backbends and forward bends and make your arm balances more solid. Add splits to the mixture and you will give rise to a more solid overall
practice. Planks, Side Planks, Visvamitrasana, Vasisthasana, Anantasana, all kinds of Splits and inversions using them will be attempted. Strengthening and stretching, yin and yan. Lots of learning and good times assured!!! No prerequisites required.


Friday, 28th of June - Fearless Inversions
Going upside is scary, thrilling, frustrating… it requires technique, consistent practice and attention to detail in order to balance freely. I believe anyone has the ability to balance on their hands, forearms and head when given enough attention to these poses.
Whether you're starting to discover this family, you want to venture away from the wall but you’re too scared or you want to gain more control in your ‘press ups’ or transitioning in and out of them, this class will be filled with exercises, techniques, tips and much more to help you get ahead and beyond. Gain strength, knowledge, confidence and have a great time in the process. Let’s take flight, shall we?


Saturday, 29th of June - Hip Freedom And Taking Flight With It
Recipe for a perfect hip opener and strengthening practice: 1/3 hip flexibility, 1/3 arm balances and leg activation, 1/3 of breath work. Add a splash of visualizations here and there and you got yourself a most fun and engaging workshop. We’ll work on agility to
increase our strength and let our strength help us become more agile. One set of skills will lean on the other so they’ll both improve considerably. Come ready to do some funky arm balances as your hips and legs will take a number of shapes you might have never tried. Gain wider range as a result of that too. Detoxify, unlock, have fun and leave renovated as energy will run through your body more freely.


Sunday, 30th of June - Spinal Fluidity
This class intends to demystify the idea that backbends are hard or just for the gifted ones. Anyone can increase dramatically their spinal range of movement with the proper warm up, technique, breath work and visualization. Both effort and easiness into these
poses should blend seamlessly for an ideal outcome. Come ready to break down some physical and mental walls (especially it you think ‘you can’t’!) and let’s shift our focus into what we CAN do and how to grow and deepen our backbend practice with intelligence and grace…. bendy spine, here we go!


To get more information about Carmen Aguilar, please click here.


Carmen Aguilar 

had completed an Engineering degree and then a Masters degree, spoke 4 languages and was deciding in what direction to launch her career when she found yoga. A seemingly crazy choice at the time, she dropped everything and devoted all her energies to the study of this discipline. The deeper she got into it the more it fascinated her.
During the first years she studied with every teacher she could find, completed 5 different Teacher Trainings while she started to develop her own style and her daily practice. Devoting to it 3 hours, 7 days a week, she has been able to reach levels few practitioners share. She has been teaching yoga for more than 19 years and during that time she’s developed a unique teaching style, cYoga, intended to make her students achieve their best both physically and mentally.
In her own words: ‘cYoga came from a craving for an intense practice: I wanted to try things my body couldn’t follow but pretty soon I realized how much sequencing and warming up affected the outcome. An intense asana practice is not only cleansing and rejuvenating, but it can also change the way we’re wired. Our body is the most tangible vehicle to access our very own essence and stepping on our mat is an amazing and precious experience!’
In 2018, she sold her yoga studio, The Lab, and moved to Hawaii, where she lives with her husband Moises, while traveling around the world teaching yoga.


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"An intense asana practice is not only cleansing and rejuvenating, but it can also change our beliefs and the way we’re wired. Our body is the most tangible vehicle to access our very own essence. Stepping on our mat is an amazing and precious experience every single time"